G Suite Transition – New GRCC Post-IT Board

No need to worry, the Post-It Board is coming with us in the transition to Google!

Instead of being located in your GroupWise Cabinet, the Post-It board has been created as a Community in Google Plus.

Post-It Board is an important place for sharing items and messages with the campus community, and we want to make sure that all faculty and staff members can find the Post-It Board group.

Here’s how to find it in the live environment:

  1. Use this direct link (Be sure that you are logged in with your @grcc.edu account versus your old pilot account).


  1. From within any G Suite App or Google.com, click the App Menu (waffle).
  2. Select Google+ (NOTE: If you haven’t already, make sure you’re signed into your GRCC account).
  3. You should see some posts show up right off the bat from the post-it board in your “discover” and “home” pages of Google+
  4. Click the green text that says GRCC Post-It Board.
  5. Click Join.


To create a post:

  1. Click the Pencil in the lower right, or start typing in the “what do you want to share?” box.
  2. Type your post. (Use the icons at the bottom to add photos, files, links, and more.)
  3. Click Post.
  4. Select the appropriate category.

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