G Suite Transition – Adding Gmail to your Mobile Device

It is now easier to access your email and calendar on mobile with your staff Gmail account! You can add your email address to the mail app your device has, or download the Gmail app on Android or iOS (iPhone).

If you have a personal Gmail account or have used Gmail before, accessing your GRCC Google Account will be the same process.

Add your staff Gmail account on your mobile device using its mail application:

  1. Navigate to the settings of your device.
  2. Locate the accounts section.
  3. Add a new account.
  4. When prompted, choose Google for the account type, and sign in.

For specific information for your device, see Google Support’s articles for signing in on Android and iOS (iPhone).

It is important to keep in mind that since your email is a college account, your device will be subject to a few mobile device management permissions.

If you have any questions about the transition to Gmail, please contact our Google Guides at googleguides@grcc.edu.

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