GRCC In The News, 04-26-19

  • Westside project team wins Laker Effect Challenge
    • 4/25/19 Grand Valley State University press release
    • A team of Kirkhof College of Nursing students and faculty and The Other Way Ministries staff members won $5,000 during the Laker Effect Challenge to implement their idea of promoting disaster preparedness through a Halloween fun house.
    • … The Laker Effect Challenge asks teams of campus and community members to pitch an idea that will make lasting change in the community. Other teams that competed are listed below:
    • … Mobilizing Community Action for Inclusive Growth: Johnson Center for Philanthropy with Grand Rapids Community College
  • GR Residents show overwhelming support for Human Rights Ordinance
    • 4/25/19 WGVU
    • “Anyone who has actually experienced being called and you have police officers coming to you or interacting in a way that is surprising because you’ve been doing nothing – seeing some accountability measures and seeing some legislation to try and take steps to help put protections in place for people who are experiencing that is crucial.”
    • … But some of the residents who spoke in favor of the ordinance questioned publicly whether Grand Rapids Police Department officers would be held accountable by the ordinance. Here is Neal Walton, a student at Grand Rapids Community College.
    • “How are we going to enforce this ordinance and not just have it to appease people of color or any people of any protected class?”

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