Automotive Technology students seek vehicles to repair this May

It’s that time of year, again! Automotive Technology students need your vehicles this May.

  • Brakes rough or squealing?
  • Hearing clunks or rattles over bumps?
  • “Check Engine” light on?
  • Transmission fluid, anti-freeze, and power steering fluid need a flush?
  • A/C blowing warm air?
  • Belts squeaking and chirping?
  • Power window/locks inoperative?
  • ABS warning lamp on?

Automotive Technology students can help with these issues — and more! The students can perform maintenance and repairs on most vehicle makes and models that are 2007 model year or newer. Customers pay only for parts and supplies. With no labor charges, the repair costs are half the typical cost. Our session will run for only THREE WEEKS this year, May 6-24. Appointments are limited.

To schedule an appointment, contact Chad Lodenstein or Brett Atchison at

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