GRCC In the News, 5-15-19

GRCC to raise $15 million to increase scholarships, improve facilities

May 14, 2019; WZZM

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Leaders at Grand Rapids Community College launched an effort Tuesday to raise the final $3 million of a $15 million plan to increase scholarships and expand and improve campus facilities.

GRCC’s $15M fundraising campaign targets student scholarships, facilities

May 14, 2019; MLive

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Grand Rapids Community College announced Tuesday, May 14, the public phase of its $15 million fundraising campaign for student scholarships and facilities that are more conducive to 21st-century teaching and learning.

Just $3 million shy of goal, GRCC launches public fundraising campaign

May 14, 2019; WGVU

The fundraising campaign is called “A Broader Vision,” and it’s an effort by Grand Rapids Community College leaders to raise “the final $3 million of a $15 million plan to increase scholarships” and renovate two buildings on campus, according to a release.

GRCC launches fundraising campaign for campus renovations

May 14, 2019; FOX 17

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — Grand Rapids Community College kicked off a fundraising campaign Tuesday to raise money to put towards campus upgrades.

Attracting four-year students for the summer

May 14, 2019; Community College Daily

Whether it’s because of the lower tuition, the ability to gain credits while living at home, a particular course they want to take, or a preferable option to a summer job, an increasing number of four-year college and university students have been enrolling at community colleges during the summer to take a course — or two or three.

… The number of “guest students” at Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) in Michigan increased nearly 80 percent between the advent of its summer marketing push in 2011 and last year. In 2018, 1,374 students from other colleges and universities took GRCC summer courses, nearly a quarter (22 percent) of all students enrolled.

Sophia Carlson, Vivian Gay named top grads at Belding High School

May 14, 2019; Ionia Sentinel-Standard

BELDING — Aerospace engineering and worship ministry are the planned college majors for the top two students academically in the Belding High School Class of 2019.

… (Vivian) Gay, 17, is the daughter of Robert and Nadine Gay. She plans to attend Grand Rapids Community College before transferring to Grace Christian University for worship ministry. Going to Grace would be a dream for Gay, she said, with a goal of becoming a worship leader.

Final comments taken in K-12 Social Studies Standards debate

May 14, 2019; (Kent Intermediate School District newsletter)

Local educators and students weighed in on the proposed revision of State Social Studies Standards — under debate and hotly contested for the past five years — during a session hosted recently at Kent ISD by the Michigan Department of Education.

… Gertrude Croom, retired Grand Rapids Community College professor, said she attended because of a concern for Michigan students overall, and spoke about the global economy they need to work and live in.

1908 mansion with full pipe organ featured on 50th anniversary Heritage Hill tour

May 14, 2019; MLive

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – As the Heritage Hill Association celebrates the 50th anniversary of its annual home tour this weekend, organizers are bringing back a Georgian mansion that was a star attraction on the first Heritage Hill tour in May 1969.

… Advance tickets are $18 and are available on the Heritage Hill Association website, as well as the Heritage Hill association office at 126 College SE, Family Fare and D&W stores, Lake Michigan Credit Union branches, Martha’s Vineyard and Art of the Table. Day of tour tickets are $25 and are available at the ticket booth at the GRCC DeVos Campus, 435 East Fulton St. Children under 12 are admitted free.

GRCC plans ‘Raider Takeover’ of Union High School on May 16

GRCC staff and faculty are planning a Raider Takeover of Union High School on Thursday, May 16 to help inform students about college and inspire this next generation of Raiders to pursue postsecondary education.

The event runs from 8 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. at Union High, 1800 Tremont NW in Grand Rapids.

The GRCC team will engage with eleventh grade Challenge Scholars students in classrooms.

The goals are to promote academic success, college aspiration, and career exploration and inspire students to continue exploring the endless opportunities available to them.

GRCC colleagues will connect with students and engage in meaningful discussions to help students see college as a possibility. They’ll allow students to get a glimpse of college life and begin exploring how to navigate the transition from high school to college. Students will be informed about college and assist in debunking myths about the college experience GRCC colleagues will share their own educational journeys and career experiences with Challenge Scholars students.

Contact the College Success Center at, (616) 234-2312 if you are interested in participating.

ImageNow (Perceptive Content) Upgrade

ImageNow (Perceptive Content) will be upgraded Thursday evening, May 16.

The upgrade will take place from 6 p.m. until midnight. During this time, ImageNow, including the submission and viewing of LOAs, will be unavailable. Also, notifications for timesheet submissions done during this time may be delayed.

WebNow users

As part of this upgrade WebNow will be replaced with eDocs, a modern way to interact with ImageNow.

eDocs still requires a network connection but no longer runs on Java, so you can now access your documents and approve time sheets from any web browser on campus, including your phone. Attached you can find documentation for general tips on using eDocs. For documentation on time sheets and LOAs please see and

ImageNow Desktop client users

If you use the ImageNow desktop client, please leave your computer on after leaving for the day on Thursday so that the new client version can be installed. You will not be able to log into ImageNow until your client has been updated.

If your computer is off overnight or goes to sleep, the client should start installing automatically when you log in the next morning. You can check its progress by going to the Start Menu and searching for the Software Center. If the new 7.2.3 client hasn’t started installing you can start the upgrade manually as well. It should take about 20 minutes to install and will require a machine reboot afterwards.

After the client is updated your local preferences will be reset to the default values. If you had a list of frequently used queues that always showed up after logging into the client, you can add these back by going to Settings and then Options. From here you can go to the Toolbar option on the left, click the Message Center tab, and then select which queues you want to see.

Please contact IT Support at x4357 or if you use any additional ImageNow printers besides the standard one or if your client is not installing properly.

eDocs Tips

  • Additional documentation can be found at
  • eDocs separates the viewing of documents from basic workflow routing. Click on Documents to search for documents, including your timesheets and leave of absences. Click on Workflow to process document queues and approve time sheets.
  • At any time click on the home icon to return to the home page

Icons for Documents (a sheet of paper with the right upper corner turned down) and Workflow (a full inbox).

The computer screen after logging into eDocs: Under "Document Views" on the left, "My HR Documents" has been selected. The two choices underneath ar "By Doc Type" and "By Year." on the right-hand side the headings are "Document Name" and "Year." HRP Time Sheet for 2019 has been selected.

  • Return to the previous list of documents, either views or workflow queues: When viewing a document, click on the arrow pointing backwards.

The top menu bar for eDocs: Under "Workflow," the backward arrow -- the first icon choice -- has been selected.

  • Add a stamp or other annotation: When viewing a document in workflow, click on the pencil icon and click “Create
    Annotation.” Click on the document where the annotation should go. Select annotation type; click “Add.”

Under "Workflow," the icon of a pencil on paper -- the fourth option from the left -- has been selected for annotation.

  • Route the document forward to another queue: When viewing a document in workflow, click on the icon of a page with an arrow pointing forwards and then select the queue to route it to. If there is only one option for where the document can be routed forward to, the document will be automatically routed once this icon is clicked.

Under the "Workflow" menu, the icon on the far right has been selected for routing.

  • Route the document upstream to a previous queue: When viewing a document in workflow, click on the icon of a page with an arrow pointing backwards and then select the queue to route it back to. Even if there is only one option for where the document can be routed back to, you will need to click again to select the queue.

Under Workflow, the next-to-last icon on the right has been selected for routing a document to a previous queue.

  • Show or hide Thumbnails on the left side of the screen: Click the grid icon to toggle this view.

Five icons sit about Document Properties; the first one -- a grid -- has been selected.

  • Show or hide Related Documents at the bottom of the screen: Click the document icon to toggle this view

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Five icons sit above Document Properties. The one on the far right, a lower-case "i" in a circle, has been selected to show or hide document properties on the right side of the screen.