Tassell M-TEC competes in ‘Battle of the Buildings’

The Michigan Battle of the Buildings is an awards and recognition program for energy use reduction open to all Michigan area commercial, industrial and multi-family buildings. The program is a way to encourage energy-efficient practices in buildings across the state and to instill a spirit of friendly competition among the area’s building owners and operators. Registration period runs January 1 through March 31 each year.

This is the first year GRCC is participating in the competition,and we have entered the Tassell M-TEC. The competition looks at the energy use in 2018 and compares it to energy use for 2019. The competitor with the biggest reduction between years wins in each category.

Our first step in preparing for the competition is to get the word out to the campus community, especially the staff and students of the M-TEC. Their participation and commitment is essential to reducing the energy not only at the MTEC but throughout the campus.

Photo of the Leslie E. Tassell M-TEC building.

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