GRCC’s Phi Theta Kappa chapter wins bid to host 2020 regional conference

This past week, the GRCC Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (Alpha Upsilon Kappa) attended our regional conference at Glen Oaks Community College. The conference is an opportunity to attend educational forums which focus on leadership, service, career development and more. The GRCC Chapter was, for the third year in a row, recognized as a 5 star chapter. This requires that they complete a college project, honors in action project, service projects, fellowship activities, participate in fundraising, attend regional and national conferences, collaborate with other chapters and more each year to achieve this rating. Our 2018-2019 chapter officer team went above and beyond and were recognized at the conference for all of their accomplishments. We were excited to be able to bring most of our 2019-2020 chapter officer team as well so they can begin the learning process as to what they need to accomplish this year.

This year, for the first time in over 15 years, GRCC put in a bid to host the 2020 Regional Conference. The region voted and we won the bid. We will be hosting the Regional Conference in Grand Rapids on May 15 -17, 2020 here at GRCC.

The team’s accomplishments for the week include:

  • Our 2018-2019 chapter officer team won outstanding regional chapter officer team
  • Morgan Brown was recognized as the outstanding regional chapter team member
  • Tikvah Finn was GRCC’s first Coca-Cola All American Silver Scholar winner which came with a $1250 scholarship.
  • Erin Busscher and Lynnae Selberg were recognized as the distinguished regional chapter advisor team.
  • The chapter was 1 st runner up in the region on our College Project.
  • The chapter was top 10 in the region for our Honors in Action Project.
  • Emma Pachulski (a new chapter officer) won the Performing Arts Competition and came in 2 nd in the Costume Contest.

2018-2019 Chapter Officer Team

  • Tikvah Finn, President
  • Phillip Kamp, Vice President of Hallmarks
  • Stephany Mendez Ortega, Vice President *
  • Brian Guadarrama, Secretary/ Treasurer
  • Drewyn Talley, PR Historian *

2019-2020 Chapter Officer Team

  • Anders Rottschafer, President *
  • Austin Edger, Treasurer *
  • Emma Pachulski, Secretary *
  • Alyssa Reynolds, Vice President *
  • Larica Brown, PR Historian *
  • Ashley Grove, Vice President of Hallmarks

*Those who attended the Regional Conference

We are so proud of our students and all they have accomplished this year and are extremely excited about the year to come. They represented GRCC with pride, worked hard and had a great time during the conference.

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