GRCC In the News, 5-30-19

Howes: Michigan education crisis deepens, defies quick fixes

May 29, 2019; The Detroit News

Mackinac Island — Michigan is deep in a public education crisis every bit as threatening to its future as the epic auto and municipal bankruptcies, and remedies may prove even tougher to deliver.

… Trends going forward are no less encouraging. According to data compiled by Bill Pink, president of Grand Rapids Community College, Michigan will produce more than 300,000 more high school graduates than the state economy is likely to need by 2020, but under-produce the associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees and graduate degrees likely to be in demand.

Bragg Harvard Muhammad Smith ‘Why We Can’t Wait’ scholarship helps students in public, human services

The Bragg Harvard Muhammad Smith ‘Why We Can’t Wait’ Fund is aimed at assisting students who want to work in public and human services — especially education, healthcare and law enforcement — and can demonstrate cultural competency. Jesalyn Heard earned the scholarship, graduated from GRCC’s Criminal Justice Program and was recently hired to be the first African-American female officer in the Kentwood Police Department.

Hear her story, and from the people behind this important scholarship.