GRCC In the News, 6-7-19

College presidents celebrate three decades of partnership

June 6, 2019; Corp!

The number of Michigan public colleges and universities creating shared relationships is increasing, a point made obvious by the posting of continuous updates by Michigan Association of State Universities from across the lower and upper peninsulas.

But someone had to be first and that came in 1986 with a relationship between the Grand Rapids Community College and Ferris State University.

‘Fix the Damn Roads’ and Forget Education

June 7, 2019; Dome (politics and policy blog)

Mackinac Island—I left the Detroit Regional Chamber’s Michigan Policy Conference with the same feelings I had walking into the Grand Hotel.  More money isn’t going to fix Michigan’s education crisis—at least until we make some radical structural changes.

… Grand Rapids Community College President Bill Pink reported that by 2020 we will need 175,000 college graduates and another 166,000 with certificates or associate degrees.


New employees, mentors share celebration breakfast

GRCC’s employee mentoring program was designed to help people become acclimated to our campus, its programs and people.

Mentors are a resource, a guide and, especially, a good listener as new employees learn their roles and responsibilities as members of the Raider family.

This week, everyone who became part of GRCC since October 2017 was invited to a special breakfast with their mentors to share their experiences, celebrate the partnership and give some thanks to the folks who helped them along the way.

Provost Laurie Chesley shared her thoughts about the valuable role mentors play at GRCC, but also throughout our lives.

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