Help payroll team by turning in timesheets on time

Attention employees and supervisors!

We all appreciate the great work of our payroll team here in HR.  Please help us help them by turning your timesheets in on time.

While most of us are great about getting timesheets turned in on time, our payroll team spends still spends way too much time correcting timesheets that have been turned in without complete and accurate data, and chasing timesheets that have not been turned in at all.  Last pay date alone, we sent out over 40 emails trying to get timesheets submitted so that we could process payroll.

Please help us by taking the time to complete, review and approve timesheets within provided timelines.  Consider adding a reminder appointment in your calendar if that might help.  Call us if you have questions about how to complete your timesheet.  We are here to help!


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