GRCC In the News, 6-18-19

Elected officials, parents, educators bid GRPS superintendent farewell at final meeting

June 18, 2019; MLive

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – At the end of Grand Rapids Superintendent Teresa Weatherall Neal’s final school board meeting Monday, there was emotional public comment from elected officials, parents, educators and community leaders praising her leadership.

… City Commissioners Senita Lenear and Joe Jones, County Commissioner Robert Womack, and GRCC President Bill Pink were also among those who spoke of her positive impact and influence on the district and the city.

(This article doesn’t mention it, but Teresa Weatherall Neal is a GRJC alumna.)

Attention Supervisors of Professional Services (no benefits) or student employees

If your part-time employee (no benefits or student employee) works throughout the fiscal year, we’re slightly changing the maximum allowable work weeks, effective July 1, 2019.

There is NO change for the “must work less than 28 hours per week” requirement.

The change applies to the maximum number of allowable work weeks in a fiscal year: 46 weeks will be the maximum allowable work weeks.  We must maintain less than a total 1300 hours worked in a fiscal year for these employee groups.

The reason for this change is new legislation in Michigan regarding paid leave.  We will be in compliance by maintaining the 1300 hour maximum over 46 weeks.  This maximum will also keep us below the threshold for the Federal ACA laws for health care.

As a supervisor, please continue to make sure that your part-time employees are working no more than 28 hours per week, and no more than 46 weeks per year.

Please contact Cathy Kubiak (x. 3971) if you have questions.

Retirement party for Dr. Vicki Maxa, Teri Dilworth, Theresa Freiberg on June 20

Student Success and Retention is excited to announce a retirement party for Dr. Vicki Maxa, Teri Dilworth, and Theresa Freiberg! Dr. Maxa had been an academic advisor with the college for 11 years; Teri Dilworth has been with the college as a Support Professional for 33 years, and Theresa Freiberg has been with the college as a support professional for 22 years. The advising area is excited to honor our colleagues with a retirement party on June 20 from 3-5 p.m .on the 3rd floor SCC terrace. Please join us to say bon voyage!