Policies updated

Please familiarize yourself with the with policy changes made when all policies are updated. For more information, visit the policy website. This month, there are several changes that we would like to highlight:

  • Employee Reimbursement:
  • Employees may purchase their own airfare up to a limit of $500. Airfare in excess of $500 must be purchased through the College approved travel agent.
  • Airfare for student travel and employee groups of three (3) or more must be arranged with a College approved travel agent.
  • The College will reimburse the cost of 2nd class airfare, coach or main cabin seating.
  • Travel permitted the day before and after conference, when necessary. Consideration must be given to having a balance between convenience for the employee and lowering costs for the College. 
  • If you use bonus miles, you will not be reimbursed for the cost of the airfare.
  • Baggage fees for one bag only will be reimbursed.
  • If you drive your own car, you will be reimbursed for the lower of actual mileage or economy airfare.
  • Reasonable tipping up to 20% for meals.


  • FMLA:
    • If the College has enough information to determine that a period of incapacity of more than three consecutive days is for an FMLA qualifying reason, Human Resources will complete the appropriate documentation in its HRIS system, to designate leave as FMLA.


9.9 Naming Opportunities

  • Added language in Section III, Paragraph E, subsection 1, “The naming of buildings in recognition of a donor or honoree implies a promise to that donor or honoree that the facility will be permanently maintained, or if change is unavoidable, that an alternative means of recognizing the donor or honoree will be found at that time.”
  • Removed language in Section III, Paragraph E, subsection 1, “Should the building be demolished or sold, the designation shall be terminated.”


3.1 Institutional Review Board

No changes


11.1 Employee Reimbursement


Section VI – changed to include EBCOs & BCOs

Section VII – Added Employee Reimbursement Request Form and Employee Mileage Reimbursement Request form to Related Documents

Section VIII – changed policy owner to Director of Budget & Business Services

Section X

  • Removed “if required” from leave of absence
  • Added sentence regarding “six-month limitation”
  • Clarified and condensed acceptable forms of supporting documentation to reimbursement requests.
  • Removed current section and replaced with existing F.
  • Added employee responsibility verbiage regarding uncompleted travel and reimbursements prior to.
    • a.i Added $500 limit for employee purchased airfare.
    • a.ii Clarified definition of reimbursable airfare and related expenses.
    • a.iii Added from section 1.a.vii sentence to include non-payment for coupons, sky miles, and/or complimentary tickets.
    • a.iv Removed last portion of section regarding example of acceptable travel days before and after conference.
    • a.vii Deleted and added to section 1.a.iii
    • b.i Clarified mileage reimbursement language
    • b.ii Defined mapquest as company recognized mileage site.
    • b.iv Added language regarding denial of extra travel day(s) allocation for driving in lieu of air travel.
    • b Clarified language of acceptable proofs of payment.
    • c Clarified language of non-reimbursable hotel room charges
    • d Clarified language of reasonable tips.
    • e Clarified language of in-room dining expenses
    • b Removed example of meal per diem calculation from policy. Referenced Reimbursement Procedures.
    • c Removed example of meal per diem calculation.
    • e Clarified language of reasonable tipping.
    • a. Removed

Section XI. – changed Online Leave of Absence form to Leave of Absence Electronic Form


14.16 Health & Safety Policy

  • No changes recommended for this policy. It is general enough to stand the test of time but specific enough that the policy is still relevant.


6.14 FMLA 

  • Section IV.C. – Added the words “domestic partner**” after “spouse*,” and added the following verbiage at the end of the section:


**Note: Effective January 1, 2016, the Domestic Partner program expands eligibility criteria for enrollment in specific Grand Rapids Community College’s benefit plans. Under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Domestic Partners will be treated the same as spouse.


  • Section VIII Policy Owner – Removed the words “Coordinator for Adjunct Faculty & FMLA” and replaced with “Payroll & FMLA Coordinator”


  • Section IX.A. – Removed the words “12 months” at the end of the first sentence and replaced with “fiscal year.”


  • Section X.A. – Expanded definition of notification process


  • Section X.B. – Added specifics regarding timelines


  • Section X.E. – Condensed to broadly cover and define paid and unpaid leaves


  • Section XI. Forms – added Disability Accommodation Request Form

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