GRCC Retiree Biography: Margaret Sesselmann

Margaret Sesselmann has been at GRCC since 1994 (25 years). She started in Business and Technical training and moved to Manufacturing in 1998. When asked about her favorite story about GRCC she said there  too many to list but she enjoyed learning about RC cars, sailor’s knot strength and many other materials and items that students tested and reported to class. “I’ve always been proud of being a member of faculty at GRCC. I firmly believe in the mission of the school and I know that many students, myself included, benefit greatly from the small class sizes, the directed teaching, the hands-on labs, etc. It’s been wonderful. Outside of classes, I participated in Career Quest, representing GRCC. I loved showing middle and high school students some experiments with plastics. Seeing their excitement was precious.”

In retirement Margaret is planning to move to Newaygo where her small cottage was replaced with a lake house.  Margaret expressed her appreciation for the faculty association and what it has done for the employees at GRCC.  “I have been so blessed to have a job that I truly looked forward to going in, working with students one-on–one and as a whole class. I always told my students that I wish for them that they can find a career that they love and make a living doing that.”

GRCC Retiree Biography: Vicki Maxa

Vicki Maxa has been at GRCC for eleven years, and worked in education for over thirty years. At GRCC, she worked as a Counselor and Advisor, both on the Main Campus and at Tassell M-TEC. she has really enjoyed her assignment at M-TEC, what a phenomenal team of dedicated professionals.  She is also a member of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) team, and have such respect and admiration for our colleagues in Institutional Research. In her work at GRCC, she has been fortunate to work with many students and listen to their stories as they set both career and life goals… that is, to her, both an honor and a privilege. In her experience, many students have demonstrated how to turn setbacks into opportunities, and how to keep on struggling until their challenges have been met. She is proud of their accomplishments.

Vicki plans for retirement include forays into astrophotography and learning about drone navigation. She is considering painting classes at the Art Institute in South Haven, and piano lessons in Holland. She is getting a puppy, a German Shepherd, and will train and show in conformation, obedience and agility. She hopes to learn new things each and every day. Vick is truly excited to begin this next chapter of her life!