GRCC In the News, 8-7-19

GRCC earns grant to grow apprenticeships as part of federal push

Aug. 6, 2019; MLive

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Grand Rapids Community College received a three-year, $140,000 grant to grow registered apprenticeships for students and support the local workforce, as part of a federal effort to expand apprenticeships.

Muskegon semi-pro football player is heart and soul, just like in Big Reds days

Aug. 7, 2019; MLive

MUSKEGON, MI – Even though his Muskegon High School football-playing days concluded more than 10 years ago, some things have not changed about Jason Hannett.

… Hannett has emerged as one of the leaders for the Mustangs. After his Big Reds career ended, Hannett played one season at Grand Rapids Community College under Annese. He spent a stint playing semi-pro ball for the Grand Rapids Force. Last year, while living in Texas, he played for the Dallas Bulldogs. His mother moved to Texas when Hannett was in 10th grade, and he went down there for a bit to broaden his horizons.

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