ATC Lab does more than help CIS students

Instructors: Do you have a project your students need to work on that we can help with? Is there a skill your students need to know to complete a project? Computers are a part of most every job, and most definitely part of a student’s educational program. Let’s work together to make our students successful!

We would like to work with you to help your students how to be successful! We will provide a hands-on demonstration and notes on how to do what your students need in order to complete your project and be successful!

Choose from this list below or call the Sue at ext. 4538 and discuss your needs. No request equals no regrets.


We can help with:

  • Excel to:
  • Make charts and graphs
  • Make tables
  • Formatting
  • Margins
  • Paper size
  • Paper orientation
  • How to print


  • PowerPoint to:
  • Make presentations
  • Change themes
  • Change slide layouts
  • Slide transitions
  • Add slide animations
  • Add timing to slides
  • Formatting
  • Insert charts and graphs
  • Insert graphics


  • Microsoft Office to:
  • Format your papers

o   Margins

o   Paper size

o   Paper orientation

  • Insert graphics and shapes
  • Insert page numbers
  • Insert a header and/or footer
  • Make a table
  • Center items on a page or a line
  • Make a Table of Contents
  • Make a Cover Page
  • Insert Sources and Citations
  • Make a Works Cited Page or Bibliography


And more!

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