Godwin Future Chefs Visit Secchia Institute

Godwin Heights 8th graders prepared lunch with Secchia Institute for Culinary Education chefs as part of a GEAR UP career exploration event on Friday, September 20, 2019. President Dr. Bill Pink greeted students upon arrival at the ATC noting he would like to welcome them again in a few years as GRCC students. Once in kitchen labs, students donned aprons and received instructions to cut vegetables for a vegan spaghetti sauce. Dr. Werner Absenger, Secchia Institute program director, checked to see that students participated in preparations and enjoyed their pasta. For dessert, students learned how to decorate cupcakes with leaves, spirals, and multicolored sprinkles. GEAR UP cohort students from Lee, Wyoming, and Kelloggsville will have their working lunches on the next three Fridays.

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