GRCC In the News, 10-23-19

Order’s up!

Oct. 22, 2019; (Kent Intermediate School District)

The clock ticked down from an hour and 30 minutes as culinary students crafted pasta dishes using required ingredients saffron, salt cod and broccoli rabe. Earlier that morning, they had another 90-minute deadline to turn pumpkin, delicata squash, goat cheese and speck into appetizers.

In a busy Grand Rapids Community College Secchia Institute for Culinary Arts kitchen, two-person teams of students from GRCC, Mexico, Canada and Scotland put their own unique twists and flavors on gourmet plates of pasta, creating tortellini filled with salt cod in a veracruzana sauce; poached salted cod infused with saffron accompanied by wilted broccoli rabe; and other wonders of gastronomy.

GRCC advierte sobre estafador

Oct. 22, 2019; El Vocero

EAST GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN (EVH).- Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) advirtió sobre un hombre que estuvo intentando estafar a los residentes de esta ciudad, bajo el argumento de que estaba recaudando dinero para dicha entidad.

(GRCC warns about scammer. EAST GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN (EVH) .- Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) warned of a man who was trying to defraud the residents of this city, on the grounds that he was raising money for that entity.)

News Briefs 10/22

Oct. 22, 2019; The Lanthorn (Grand Valley State University student newspaper)

… GV students participate in Make a Difference Day

On Saturday, Oct. 12, more than 250 students from both GVSU and Grand Rapids Community College volunteered for Make a Difference Day. Sponsored by GVSU’s Community Service Learning Center, Make a Difference Day has been held for more than 20 years, allowing students to volunteer with the local community.

Free parking for evening Homecoming events on Oct. 24

Thursday’s Homecoming lineup includes a pep rally, tailgate and two volleyball games: one featuring alumni, followed by the current team facing the Jackson Jets. Those attending can park for FREE after 5 p.m. in the Bostwick ramp. Pull a ticket upon entering the ramp; the gate will be raised when you exit. While you can also park for free in the Lyon ramp after 5 p.m. Thursday, the wait might be longer.

Grand Rapids Community College Homecoming. October 21-24.

Update on campus building projects

Summer may be over, but construction season on campus is ongoing.  Here’s a quick run down of campus projects:

  • ATC expansion/renovation — The ATC expansion project is well under way! Fountain Street is closed for the next several weeks for required utility work. The two-story expansion will be home to the Machine Tool/Manufacturing lab and the CIS Department. Construction on the addition will continue through summer 2020 with occupancy planned for the fall 2020 semester. Renovations to the second floor of the ATC will occur during summer and fall 2020.
  • Mable Engle House — This is the historic home just east of Sneden Hall. This structure is being completely renovated during this academic year. Upon completion, this building will provide space for student clubs and organizations, meeting/study spaces, and will be the new office location for Student Employment Services and Experiential Learning and the Honors program. Completion is scheduled for early summer 2020.
  • Lettinga House — Lettinga is the stately home on the northwest corner of College and Fulton. This building is being renovated to house the GRCC Foundation and Alumni Office. This project is also scheduled for completion and occupancy in early summer 2020.
  • Sneden kitchen — A new full-service kitchen is currently under construction in Sneden Hall. This new kitchen will expand food service options and allow for improved event/catering services to all buildings on the DeVos campus. The project will be completed this semester and will open as soon as we have obtained the necessary health department approvals.

What’s coming?

  • Wayfinding/signs — We are currently working with Corbin Design to develop a new exterior sign/wayfinding plan for GRCC.  Watch for more information on the project in the months to come.
  • Master planning – Dr. Pink mentioned the master planning project in “Pink Ink” on Monday. That project just kicked off this week. The Collaborative, out of Ann Arbor, is our master planning firm for this project. They will be back on campus on November 14, focusing on academic programs, and then back again in December and January to hold more focus groups. Employees will be invited to participate in the process in a variety of ways. The final plan is scheduled for completion in May.
  • Raleigh J. Finkelstein Hall — Tower Pinkster was recently selected to be the architectural-engineering firm for the Finkelstein Hall renovations. We’ll be kicking off the design work for that project on October 25. Renovations are scheduled to begin in summer 2020 and will continue through summer and fall 2021.

Policies updated

GRCC has updated policies:

October 2019

Policy Meeting

14.5 Campus Closing Due to Inclement Weather & Emergency Conditions

  • Edited reason for policy to state “Safety and security for all students, employees and visitor and protection of college assets”.
  • Under IX. Definitions – Updated building information and building names
  • Under X. Procedures (B) – Identified decision target time frame between 5:30 and 6:00 AM
  • Under X. Procedures (B–2) – Included that Campus Police report as scheduled
  • In footnote 1 – Changed “assistant” director to “associate” director


11.2 Grants Policy

  • Changed the use of the word “funder” or “funding agency” to “sponsor” throughout.
  • Updated the department name throughout.
  • Updated titles as necessary.
  • Updated references to OMB Circulars to OMB Uniform Guidance, which changed in 2014.
  • Corrected the titles of department forms.
  • Updated some definitions (sponsor, sub-award, sub-recipient, contract) to be consistent with those used in the GRCC Grant Guide to Administration. Source for new definitions was
  • Revised Grant Development Process information to ensure it aligned with the way the work is actually conducted by the department. Specifically: Noted that the department will provide a timeline for project completion. Clarified post-award procedures. Noted that the department will provide technical assistance throughout the project period and will conduct annual file reviews.
  • Project Director is defined in section IX
  • Updated text to include “or delegate” after references to the responsibilities of the Accounting Specialist.
  • More broadly defined Sub-award to include all grant award situations rather than just federal.
  • More broadly defined Sub-Recipient to include all grant award situations rather than just federal.
  • In section X.C., 6, added language to explain why the Grants Department performs file reviews.


6.19 Freedom of Information Act

  • Changed “Grand Rapids Community College” to GRCC throughout.
  • Under Section VII, added CRIIA (Confidential Research and Investment Information Act), LEIN (Law Enforcement Information Act), and Crime Victim’s Rights Act.
  • Under IX. C, added “text messaging.”
  • Under X.B, updated the contact email address, and added additional language to describe what should be submitted in the FOIA request (…“and a written request that describes a public record sufficiently to enable GRCC to find the public record”).
  • Under X.D, added #3 which states, “If fees are warranted, then additional response time is as well.”
  • Under X.E.3, added “summaries” to what will be provided by GRCC with each written response.
  • Under X.G.2.b, added “detailed itemization of fees.”
  • Under X.G.2.d., changed the price per sheet of paper from 10 cents to 5 cents per page.
  • Under X.I, changed “head of Grand Rapids Community College” to “President of GRCC.”

For more information, please visit the policy webpage.

TRIO’s summer research open house is today

TRIO/Student Support Services is holding an open house to showcase summer research opportunities from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Oct. 23 in the Raider Grille.

Participating programs include:

  • Michigan Technological University’s Michigan College and University Partnership (MICUP).
  • the University of Michigan’s Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP).
  • the Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP).
  • Study Away program in the Netherlands.

See GRCC students’ projects, and learn about opportunities available to you. Snacks will be provided.

Retiree email accounts

Information Technology is excited to announce the addition of a Golden Raiders email account! This account will allow retirees to continue communication with past and present GRCC faculty and staff. In addition, retirees will receive GRCC Today notices, Pink Ink messages, and emergency communications.

Future retirees, opting in, will have access to all of the data that was previously available in their GRCC Google Drive and Gmail account.

For those who have already scheduled their retirement date or who will be retiring in the near future and are interested in obtaining a GRCC Retiree email account, please contact your Human Resources Generalist to get the process started!

Notice: Any content stored in Google Drive or received in you GRCC Gmail account as an employee will be available to your retiree account. It is expected that you keep these email communications confidential.