Policies updated

GRCC has updated policies:

October 2019

Policy Meeting

14.5 Campus Closing Due to Inclement Weather & Emergency Conditions

  • Edited reason for policy to state “Safety and security for all students, employees and visitor and protection of college assets”.
  • Under IX. Definitions – Updated building information and building names
  • Under X. Procedures (B) – Identified decision target time frame between 5:30 and 6:00 AM
  • Under X. Procedures (B–2) – Included that Campus Police report as scheduled
  • In footnote 1 – Changed “assistant” director to “associate” director


11.2 Grants Policy

  • Changed the use of the word “funder” or “funding agency” to “sponsor” throughout.
  • Updated the department name throughout.
  • Updated titles as necessary.
  • Updated references to OMB Circulars to OMB Uniform Guidance, which changed in 2014.
  • Corrected the titles of department forms.
  • Updated some definitions (sponsor, sub-award, sub-recipient, contract) to be consistent with those used in the GRCC Grant Guide to Administration. Source for new definitions was https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/29/99.105.
  • Revised Grant Development Process information to ensure it aligned with the way the work is actually conducted by the department. Specifically: Noted that the department will provide a timeline for project completion. Clarified post-award procedures. Noted that the department will provide technical assistance throughout the project period and will conduct annual file reviews.
  • Project Director is defined in section IX
  • Updated text to include “or delegate” after references to the responsibilities of the Accounting Specialist.
  • More broadly defined Sub-award to include all grant award situations rather than just federal.
  • More broadly defined Sub-Recipient to include all grant award situations rather than just federal.
  • In section X.C., 6, added language to explain why the Grants Department performs file reviews.


6.19 Freedom of Information Act

  • Changed “Grand Rapids Community College” to GRCC throughout.
  • Under Section VII, added CRIIA (Confidential Research and Investment Information Act), LEIN (Law Enforcement Information Act), and Crime Victim’s Rights Act.
  • Under IX. C, added “text messaging.”
  • Under X.B, updated the contact email address, and added additional language to describe what should be submitted in the FOIA request (…“and a written request that describes a public record sufficiently to enable GRCC to find the public record”).
  • Under X.D, added #3 which states, “If fees are warranted, then additional response time is as well.”
  • Under X.E.3, added “summaries” to what will be provided by GRCC with each written response.
  • Under X.G.2.b, added “detailed itemization of fees.”
  • Under X.G.2.d., changed the price per sheet of paper from 10 cents to 5 cents per page.
  • Under X.I, changed “head of Grand Rapids Community College” to “President of GRCC.”

For more information, please visit the policy webpage.

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