GRCC In the News, 1-23-20

How a Westside scholarship program is changing the way local students view life after high school

Jan. 23, 2020;

Post-secondary education has become increasingly expensive over the years. According to an article from CNBC by Abigail Hess, the cost of a college education has increased by more than 25% in the last decade. Challenge Scholars provides a way for families on Grand Rapids’ West Side to cover the costs of education after high school. The program, funded by the Grand Rapids Community Foundation, partners with Grand Rapids Public Schools and other organizations like Kent School Services Network and WestSide Collaborative.

… Since Challenge Scholars was first introduced, additional pathways have been created for students who started school at different schools or joined Union High School in different years. “A student who joins Harrison Park or Westwood Middle School can earn up to four years of college tuition. If a student joins at Union in 9th grade, they can earn up to two years tuition-free college at GRCC,” says Audra Hartges.

School News Network: Grand Rapids Promise Zone

Jan. 22, 2020; WGVU

The soaring cost of college has been a big barrier to post-high school education for a generation of students. Grand Rapids school and civic officials lowered that barrier in a big way with the Grand Rapids Promise, providing full scholarships to Grand Rapids Community College for graduates of the 22 public and private high schools in the city of Grand Rapids.

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