GRCC In the News, 3-27-20

“I’m Not Done.” Christina Arnold

March 26, 2020; West Michigan Woman

When Christina Guajardo Arnold was young, there were few Latinos in the community and only two Latino families in her elementary school. A child of divorce, less common then, Chris had friends who weren’t allowed to play with her because she had no father and was Mexican.

… Chris graduated from Ottawa Hills High School and began working at Grand Rapids Public Schools, within then-Grand Rapids Junior College, at 17. She took classes to further her career and, when GRPS moved, stayed at what’s now Grand Rapids Community College for 36 years.

Free Mental Health Resources to Make Life a Little Bit Brighter Right Now

March 27, 2020;

Over the last few weeks, we college students have faced a lot of upheaval due to COVID-19. Not surprisingly, this has had an impact on our mental health. According to Dr. Melanie Greenberg, a clinical psychologist and author of The Stress-Proof Brain, there are a number of emotions people are likely to feel during the COVID-19 crisis, including fear, anxiety, and worry. While these emotions are all related to each other, there are also some important differences. Fear arises from a concern over the immediate danger. Anxiety is characterized by a general sense of unease, and often features symptoms in the body, including a racing heart and fast breathing. Worry, on the other hand, is more in the mind and is reflected through “what if” questions. Students are also likely to feel a sense of sadness or loss, having left their friends and second home behind.

Ashley Kuk, a second year at Grand Rapids Community College, has gone through all of these feelings, which has had a huge impact on her mental health. “My anxiety and depression have been very high due to worrying about my friends and family members, the uncertainty of everything going on, and what could come next. It’s all been a lot mentally!” she says.

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