GRCC In the News, 5-7-20

Pattok named sergeant at Ionia County Sheriff’s Office

May 6, 2020; The Daily News (Greenville)

IONIA — Jason Pattok joined the Ionia County Sheriff’s Office as a road patrol deputy just a little over five years ago.

… A 2012 graduate of the Grand Rapids Community College Police Academy, Pattok was sworn in as a Sheriff’s Office road patrol deputy on Jan. 26, 2015.

Presenting the Top 5 greatest athletes from Grass Lake since 2000

May 6, 2020; MLive

JACKSON, MI – The Grass Lake Warriors have a rich athletic history that includes state championships in baseball, bowling, wrestling, track and cross country.

… Austin Cole, Class of 2007

… He continued his football career at Grand Rapids Community College for two seasons before transferring to Avila University in Kansas City, MO. As a senior, appeared in 10 games as a senior with 1,212 yards and seven touchdowns.

Walking Challenge starts May 11

Join this 8-week personal challenge for a fun way to work on your health and wellness this spring and summer with your GRCC Family!

Each week beginning Monday, May 11th, we’ll be hosting a themed challenge that gets you setting and crushing your personal wellness goals.

Fill out the simple form to sign up.

This year’s challenge is a little bit different. No need to find a team this year, because we are all in this together…separately. We are all on Team GRCC!

We’ll share our progress, engage with fellow challenge participants, post photos, and give encouragement using the private GRCC Walking & Wellness Challenge Google Community.

Wellness isn’t cancelled! Get moving with the GRCC Family!

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2020 GRCC Walking & Wellness Challenge. Lace up and take the challenge. 1. Family & Pets Week. We are family! Show us how your family helps you to get fit! Walk with your animal friend. Have your family help plan healthy meals. Have a dance party with your family. 2. Adventure Week. Adventure awaits. Show us how you find adventure in your wellness program. Try a new workout. Run or walk to a new route. 3. Self-care Week. Make sure to take care of you. Show us how your practice self-care. Try out a meditation app. Treat yourself to a spa day. Relax with yoga routine. 4. Kindness Week. Spread love like sunshine. Show us how you show kindness. Surprise someone with a random act of kindness. Cheer on other challenge members. 5. Wacky Week. Let’s get a little kooky. Show us your wacky side. Work out in a fun costume. Belt out your favorite tune as you work out. Share your wildest smoothie recipe. 6. Water Week. Water, water everywhere. Show us how your work out with water. Hit your water intake goal. Take a stroll to a river or pond. Incorporate water into your workout. 7. Pure Michigan Week. We’re smitten with the Mitten. Show us how you share your MI pride. Add local artists to your playlist. Incorporate Michigan produce into your meals. Work out in your favorite Michigan gear. 8. Buddy Week. Fitness is more fun with a friend. Show us who you work out with. Bring a friend along on a walk. Check in on a friend. Attend a virtual workout together. Excited and ready to go? Join the Walking & Wellness Challenge Google community for a full experience and participation details.