GRCC In the News, 5-29-20

Emma Pachulski changing schools, sports this fall

May 29, 2020; Ionia Sentinel-Standard

Emma Pachulski was a multi-sport star at Saranac High School, dominating in volleyball and on the track.

When she made her college decision, she chose Grand Rapids Community College and chose volleyball.

La Lucha Fund supports undocumented and mixed-status families with direct payments during COVID-19

May 29, 2020;

In the war against COVID-19 thousands in our communities have lost their lives, and over one million Michiganders have been forced out of work. In an attempt to help Americans weather the economic fall out, Congress passed an economic relief plan, and while some have received a  CARES ACT stimulus check to help cover bills, rent, and other basic needs, there are many in our community who have been left behind.

… And those are exactly the folks La Lucha Fund was meant for, according to Lorena Aguayo-Marquez from Movimiento Cosecha GR. During the day Aguayo-Marquez works at Grand Rapids Community College, but at night and on the weekends she volunteers to review the fund’s applications. “The fund was created for immigrants who don’t have access to federal and state resources. Basically they are unable to apply for unemployment or receive a stimulus check and there are a lot of immigrants who are affected but some are luckier than others,” she explains.