Policy updates

Policy Meeting

June 2020

11.1a Food and Beverage

No changes

14.13 Communicable Diseases

Updated definition for Communicable Diseases to match Michigan Public Health Code

14.15 Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect

No changes

3.2 Non-Discrimination on Basis of Disability

  • Throughout policy: Changing references to “faculty and/or staff” to “Employees (faculty and staff)”, with the exception of specific references to classroom faculty.
  • Section X.A.2: Clarifying expectation that a student may choose to send the accommodations letter to any faculty member if they want accommodations in that class, and that accommodations are effective from the time the letter is sent to the faculty member.
  • Section X.B.2.a: Clarifying when to contact Student Life & Conduct if you believe a student has discriminated against you on the basis of a disability
  • Section X.B.2.c: Clarifying process to instruct students they should contact DSS advisor/counselor first, along with faculty member, if there are issues with implementation of an accommodation.
  • Section X.B.2.d: Include process of how to address “other” disability-based discrimination, to acknowledge that denial of an accommodation may be one form of disability-based discrimination.
  • Section XIII. Update policy history to reflect these changes.

4.1 Development & Issuance of College Admin. Policies

  • Section X.B. – added Chief Equity & Inclusion Officer to list of Policy Advisory Committee members

For more information, please visit the policy website.






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