Automotive Technology students seeking vehicles to work on

Automotive Technology service program — late summer edition!  Automotive Technology students are seeking vehicles to work on this summer.

  • Brakes rough or squealing?
  • Hearing clunks or rattles over bumps?
  • “Check Engine” light on?
  • Transmission fluid, anti-freeze, and power steering fluid need a flush?
  • A/C blowing warm air?
  • Belts squeaking and chirping?
  • Power window/locks inoperative?
  • ABS warning lamp on?

Automotive Technology students can help with these issues — and more! The students will perform maintenance and repairs on most vehicle makes and models that are 2010 model year or newer.

Customers pay only for parts and supplies. With no labor charges, the repair costs are half the typical cost. Our session will run for only THREE WEEKS this year, July 27-August 13. Appointments are limited.

To schedule an appointment, contact Chad Lodenstein

GRCC In the News, 7-9-20

GRCC to host virtual commencement

July 8, 2020; Grand Rapids Business Journal

Instead of a traditional ceremony, Grand Rapids Community College will be hosting a live virtual commencement next month.

A Golden Hour for Community Colleges

Summer 2020; Philanthropy magazine

The vast majority of media coverage of higher ed focuses on four-year, residential colleges. As the re-opening debate unfolds this summer and fall, you’ll hear lots of chatter about the fancy-pants universities. Will Berkeley charge full tuition for online classes? If you defer your admission to Harvard for a year, will you lose your spot? Will the take-out-only food at Stanford include my sushi?

… Community colleges educate students for jobs in high demand. Half of all nurses in Colorado have been trained at one of 13 community-college campuses in the state. The same institutions trained 90 percent of Colorado’s first responders. They contributed an estimated $6 billion to Colorado’s economy in 2017. The Strada research group found that workforce-development programs run by just one Michigan community college in Grand Rapids added $130 million to that city’s local economy.