GRCC In the News, 7-9-20

GRCC to host virtual commencement

July 8, 2020; Grand Rapids Business Journal

Instead of a traditional ceremony, Grand Rapids Community College will be hosting a live virtual commencement next month.

A Golden Hour for Community Colleges

Summer 2020; Philanthropy magazine

The vast majority of media coverage of higher ed focuses on four-year, residential colleges. As the re-opening debate unfolds this summer and fall, you’ll hear lots of chatter about the fancy-pants universities. Will Berkeley charge full tuition for online classes? If you defer your admission to Harvard for a year, will you lose your spot? Will the take-out-only food at Stanford include my sushi?

… Community colleges educate students for jobs in high demand. Half of all nurses in Colorado have been trained at one of 13 community-college campuses in the state. The same institutions trained 90 percent of Colorado’s first responders. They contributed an estimated $6 billion to Colorado’s economy in 2017. The Strada research group found that workforce-development programs run by just one Michigan community college in Grand Rapids added $130 million to that city’s local economy.

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