GRCC In the News, 8-10-20

News at 5 p.m.

Aug. 7, 2020; FOX 17

Anchors: “Grand Rapids Community College is helping students navigate the pandemic and do what’s best for their education. They created new advising programs. The college says it knows many university students are reconsidering their fall semester plans as some are being encouraged to spend the semester at home. And GRCC says with classes set to begin in a couple weeks, transferring schools now to stay local and not have to move out of town could seem impossible. But the new advising program can help students register and weigh their options to start the semester on short notice.”

Ionia County to recommend new Road Department director hire, despite experience concerns

Aug. 8, 2020; The Daily News (Greenville)

IONIA — After interviewing two candidates with no road experience and little to no financial experience, Ionia County officials are still going to recommend that one be hired as managing director of the Road Department.

… Of the two candidates who were interviewed Thursday, neither one has any type of college degree. (Stacy) Green studied general studies at Lansing Community College and accounting at Baker College of Owosso. Commissioners asked (Troy) Waterman to clarify his resume claim that he has an “associate in engineering” (something Hodges noted doesn’t exist). Waterman said he studied engineering for two years at Grand Rapids Community College (1984 to 1986), but admitted he didn’t have a degree.

Information Technology annual summer lab refresh update

Information Technology is currently conducting our annual Summer maintenance on all classroom and lab computers. All classroom, multimedia, and lab computers will be reimaged or replaced during this process.

If you are returning to campus during the next week and would like to know if a particular computer lab or classroom multimedia system is available for use, view our live status sheet here.

If you have any additional questions or concerns you may contact our Support Desk at 616-234-4357.