Ideologies Left to Right, from Communism to Fascism

The United States, long known for its political moderation and its contests between Liberals and Conservatives, is seeing an ideological realignment of its major political parties. Different ideologies, like Populism, are rising to center stage, some of them extreme with accompanying violence. There also seems to be a lot of labeling in this election season without understanding what the labels mean. Political Science Professor, Keith St. Clair, will spend an hour sorting out the various ideologies and what they actually mean during a live streaming Wednesday October 7th from 12:00-1:00pm on YouTube at Ideologies Left to Right, from Communism to Fascism

Thanks, Kudos and a Salute from the IT Department

The IT department would like to recognize everyone’s hard work and dedication always, but in particular the past 7 months. Without faculty and staff across campus pitching in and rolling up sleeves our department would not have been as successful as we have been, for that we owe a great debt of gratitude.

We recognize that many of you have stepped far outside of your comfort zones, putting in many additional hours of learning technology, and for that we thank you. We have asked many of you to help us and become testers as we create and implement new programs, software, and devices. Your suggestions have been extremely valuable, and your teamwork appreciated.

We are all achieving great things for our students and institution as a whole. Thank you for your continued partnerships and willingness to try new things. We are encouraged to continue on the path with all of you to become better and more skilled in technology with the end goal of helping our students succeed.

Fannie Lou Hamer Colloquium

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Regina N. Bradley

Picture of Dr. Regina N. Bradley smiling

Dr. Regina N. Bradley



Tuesday, October 6 at Noon
The Fannie Lou Hamer Colloquium seeks to broaden the historical landscape of the Civil Rights and Voting Rights movement in America.

Dr. Regina N. Bradley is an alumna of the Nasir Jones Hip Hop Fellowship at Harvard University, and an Assistant Professor of English and African Diaspora Studies at Kennesaw State University. Her expertise and research interests include post-Civil Rights African American literature, hip hop culture, and race and the contemporary U.S. South.


Grant Opportunity: National Endowment for the Humanities Collaborative Research Grant

The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) is accepting applications for the Collaborative Research program. The purpose of this program is to support groups of two or more scholars seeking to increase humanistic knowledge through convenings, research, manuscript preparation for collaborative publications, and the creation of scholarly digital projects. The collaborative work can take place within a single field of study or across disciplines. Partnerships with researchers from the natural and social sciences are encouraged, but all collaborative projects must address significant humanities questions.

The Collaborative Research program comprises four funding categories that support different types of collaborative projects and projects at different stages of development: Planning International Collaboration, Conference, Manuscript Preparation, and Scholarly Digital Projects. Proposed projects must aim to result in tangible and sustainable outcomes, for example, co-authored or multi-authored books; born-digital publications; themed issues of peer-reviewed journals; a series of peer-reviewed articles; and open-access scholarly digital resources. All project outcomes must incorporate interpretive work and collaboration to address significant humanities research questions.

Funding range:
Planning International Collaboration: up to $25,000
Conference: up to $100,000
Manuscript Preparation: up to $250,000
Scholarly Digital Projects: up to $250,000

Deadline: December 2, 2020

Email Kim Squiers ( or Lisa Dopke ( in the GRCC Grants Department for more information.

New features coming to Google Meet

Google is introducing two new features for Google Meet, tile view and background blur. These features are being introduced to improve productivity, increase community engagement, and limit distractions while in video meetings. Your Chrome browser should see these new features within the next 15 days as Google gradually introduces them. Mobile devices are not yet supported, but will be in the near future.

Computer screen with tiles of people smilingThe first new feature is an expanded tile view, allowing you to see up to 49 meeting participants at once, including yourself.

  1. While in a meeting, click “MoreCustomize and control Google Chrome” in the lower-right.
  2. Select “Change layout” then select “Tiled”. By default, you’ll see 16 tiles on your screen.
  3. To view more participants, move the slider at the bottom of the page to the right

(Note: The number of tiles that are shown can be limited by the size of your screen, and your internet connection) For more information, view Google’s Article.

Female smiling with menu item of background options.The second new feature is blurred backgrounds. Designed to provide a more clear image of users, separating you from any background distractions.Background blur will automatically focus your webcam on you, while applying a blur filter to your surroundings. This feature is currently available to many devices running Google Chrome as the web browser. Additional devices and browsers will be supported in the near future.

  1. To turn on background blur click “MoreCustomize and control Google Chrome” in the lower-right.
  2. Select “Turn on background blur”.

For more information view Google’s Article. Have questions or comments?

Give us a call at 234-4357 or send us an email at

GRCC In the News, 9-25-20

Fewer Students Are Going To Community College, Despite High Unemployment

Sept. 24, 2020; NPR

Enrollment at U.S. community colleges has dropped nearly 8% this fall, newly released figures show, part of an overall decline in undergraduate enrollment as students face a global pandemic and the worst economic recession in decades.

… SACHA PFEIFFER, HOST: Enrollment at U.S. community colleges has dropped nearly 8% this fall. That’s according to new national data out today. It’s part of an overall decline in undergraduate enrollment as students face a global pandemic and the worst economic recession in decades. NPR’s Elissa Nadworny reports from a community college in western Michigan.

GRCC In the News, 9-24-20

GRCC awarded $3.6M in federal grants to support low-income and first-generation students

Sept. 23, 2020; MLive

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — Grand Rapids Community College received two federal grants totaling $3.6 million to strengthen support services for low-income and first-generation students, officials say.

GRCC plans virtual information sessions, direct ways to connect ‘Frontliners’ with tuition-free education

Sept. 23, 2020; La Prensa

GRAND RAPIDS, Sept. 17, 2020: Grand Rapids Community College is planning a series of virtual information meetings and has set up a new hotline to help people who worked in essential industries during the COVID-19 shutdown attend GRCC tuition-free through the state’s Futures for Frontliners program.

One Good Thing: Metallica, GRCC and Wolverine

Sept. 23, 2020; WZZM

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A really great college program is getting even better, thanks to a local company.

Wolverine Worldwide is getting involved with The Metallica Scholars program, currently in place at Grand Rapids Community College.

COVID-19’s financial impacts extend beyond food and housing:

Sept. 23, 2020;

As COVID-19 continues to take its toll on Kent County residents’ health and household budgets, government agencies and nonprofit organizations have responded with policies and actions supporting food security, help with housing, and medical support. While many of us complain about not having haircuts or gray roots growing in, our income-challenged Kent County neighbors have more pressing hygiene issues — the added expense of disposable diapers, incontinent supplies, laundry soap, deodorant and other hygiene essentials can come at a very high cost.

… A Mother’s Touch will provide diapers and personal care items to mothers in its recovery programs. Ama International will provide personal basic hygiene items and diapers to families in crisis and Title 1 students. The Grand Rapids Community College Foundation will provide personal hygiene products to students in need who are pursuing their postsecondary education. Meaning In Colors, Buist Community Assistance CenterFamily Network of Wyoming, Living In Fulfillment Everyday, Inc., Fe De Reino/Kingdom Faith, and Volunteers in Service will provide hygiene items to their wider range of clients.

Creating Thoughtful Environments for Early Learners

Sept. 23, 2020;

As the global pandemic unrolled across the country, participation in early childhood programs dropped dramatically. Data from the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) shows enrollment dropped by half. It is too early to understand the impact this pandemic will have on young learners, but research does show children who have access to high-quality Pre-K programs do better in school.

… Many Pre-K schools embrace the principle of a prepared environment to facilitate student exploration and independent learning. For the Early Learning Laboratory in Grand Rapids Community College, our goal was to design a space where students had the freedom to explore and have access to stored materials to use for creative projects. This freedom also engenders responsibility as students know to use the materials respectfully and return them to their location when finished. Also through this method, students shape their learning experience depending on their level of curiosity. A thoughtfully designed space promotes this curiosity in an organized and flexible environment. Through technology integration, the classroom design gives students access to devices when appropriate, while not making these the focus of the space.

GRCC In the News, 9-23-20

News at 6 p.m.

Sept. 22, 2020; FOX 17

Anchor Janice Allen: “A $3 million federal grant is supporting the TRIO program at Grand Rapids Community College. The program provides counseling, academic and financial support for low-income students. The money will be distributed over the next five years, allowing the program to expand to nearly 600 students while also targeting TRIO students who are seeking in science, technology, engineering and math.”

October learning opportunity offerings

There are still a few sessions in the final week of September … and October is right around the corner!!

View dates, times, descriptions and register ONLINE

  • Monday, September 28 — A Leader’s Guide To Returning To Work
  • Tuesday, September 29 — Building A Culture Of Care
  • Wednesday, September 30 — GRCC Reimbursement Policy
  • Thursday, October 1 — Introduction to Peoplesoft
  • Friday, October 2 — Thriving In The Unknown
  • Monday, October 5 — Title IX Training
  • Tuesday, October 6 — Everything DiSC
  • Thursday, October 8 — Introduction to Zoom Video Conferencing
  • Friday, October 9 — All About CBD
  • Monday, October 12 — How To Stay Secure At Home
  • Wednesday, October 14 — Benefits 101
  • Friday, October 16 — Google Docs and Mindfulness Made Simple 2
  • Tuesday, October 20 — Using They, Them, Their Pronouns
  • Wednesday, October 21 — FMLA – What’s In It For You?
  • Friday, October 23 — Change With Your Brain In Mind
  • Monday, October 26 — External Student Surveys and Data Reporting Programs at GRCC
  • Thursday, October 29 — Google Forms
  • Friday, October 30 — Active Shooter Response Training

Doughnuts, apples and pumpkins.

GRCC In the News, 9-22-20

Grand Rapids Promise Zone sends 251 students to GRCC tuition-free

Sept. 21, 2020; MLive

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – The promise of tuition-free college has been turned into a reality for 251 Grand Rapids Promise Zone students this fall.

This marks the first semester for the recipients of the new Grand Rapids Promise Zone Scholarship, which covers the cost of up to 60 credit hours at Grand Rapids Community College.