Moss Ingram is MSU guest lecturer

Moss Ingram was a guest lecturer at the Eli Broad College of Business at Michigan State University yesterday in Dr. Hang Nguyen’s Product Innovation and Management class with his fellow co-authors, Keith Ferguson and John Sztykiel, to teach business concepts and practices from their textbook, Contemporary Product Development: A Focus on Innovation (Cognella Academic), which has been adopted by Dr. Nguyen’s MKT 410 class.

Moss is the co-recipient of an Edison Award for Innovation (lifetime recipients include Jay Van Andel, Rich DeVos, Steve Jobs, and Elon Musk) and he holds a graduate certificate in Advanced Studies in Design and Innovation Management from Ferris, as well as an MFA from Queens University of Charlotte. In addition to serving as a regular guest lecturer on business innovation at Florida State University in both baccalaureate and MBA classes, he has served as a judge of design and innovation at the Frederik Meijer Honors College at GVSU, and as a guest speaker on innovation at Aquinas. At GRCC, he has also served as a guest lecturer on innovation in GRCC’s Business Dept. and led numerous workshops on innovation, design thinking, and human-centered design for GRCC’s Center for Teaching Excellence, Leadership Institute, and Pro-Deans, among others.

Prior to joining GRCC, Moss provided business and technology innovations to benefit organizations as wide-ranging as Fortune 100 companies, the U.S. Armed Forces, the United Nations, and the Internal Revenue Service. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the publication of two technical training manuals he wrote on Microsoft’s Windows 2000 operating system, which were used by Microsoft to train Microsoft employees on their own product, and were adopted by dozens of Fortune 500 companies, along with other manuals he has authored on topics such as TCP/IP. Four years prior to that, Moss worked as a reporter for the daily Kenosha News.

Graduates of GRCC’s Computer Support Technician Job Training Program have been hired in IT by firms large and small, including Spectrum Health, Amway, Meijer, Perrigo, Magna International, and Ford International Airport, as well as several Fortune 500 companies, such as Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Herman Miller, with no other academic credentials than a non-credit Job Training Certificate from GRCC.


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