New features coming to Google Meet

Google is introducing two new features for Google Meet, tile view and background blur. These features are being introduced to improve productivity, increase community engagement, and limit distractions while in video meetings. Your Chrome browser should see these new features within the next 15 days as Google gradually introduces them. Mobile devices are not yet supported, but will be in the near future.

Computer screen with tiles of people smilingThe first new feature is an expanded tile view, allowing you to see up to 49 meeting participants at once, including yourself.

  1. While in a meeting, click “MoreCustomize and control Google Chrome” in the lower-right.
  2. Select “Change layout” then select “Tiled”. By default, you’ll see 16 tiles on your screen.
  3. To view more participants, move the slider at the bottom of the page to the right

(Note: The number of tiles that are shown can be limited by the size of your screen, and your internet connection) For more information, view Google’s Article.

Female smiling with menu item of background options.The second new feature is blurred backgrounds. Designed to provide a more clear image of users, separating you from any background distractions.Background blur will automatically focus your webcam on you, while applying a blur filter to your surroundings. This feature is currently available to many devices running Google Chrome as the web browser. Additional devices and browsers will be supported in the near future.

  1. To turn on background blur click “MoreCustomize and control Google Chrome” in the lower-right.
  2. Select “Turn on background blur”.

For more information view Google’s Article. Have questions or comments?

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