Coming Soon! Blackboard Learn moving to the Cloud

You have probably heard that Blackboard Learn will be migrating to Blackboard Learn SaaS (Software as a Service) and hosted in the Cloud.

GRCC’s Blackboard Learn SaaS test environment is now available for your review.  The test environment provides a snapshot of the data from our Blackboard Learn production environment ( as of October 6th, 2020.  

Access to the Blackboard Learn SaaS test environment can be found by visiting

Please evaluate your courses and organizations to ensure everything is working as expected.  If you identify an issue or concern, please report it using the Support Desk Portal.  

SaaS Known Issues

We have identified an issue in the Blackboard Learn SaaS test environment with the GRCC People Photo Search module and the Class Roster tools.  We hope to resolve this issue shortly.

How will this migration impact you?

Blackboard Learn SaaS will continue to look and function mostly the same with better performance and a few new features. Your courses, organizations, and content will be migrated automatically and, in many ways, you won’t notice any difference.  Your courses will look similar to how they have been prior to the migration.

GRCC’s current Blackboard Learn environment version is Q2. In order to successfully migrate to SaaS, we must first update to version Q4, then to version 3900.0. Both of these updates provide feature enhancements and bug fixes.  Detailed release information can be found below.

Q4 Release Notes
3900.0 Release Notes

Important Dates

  • Course shells for the Winter 2021 semester will be available November 27th.
  • The migration to SaaS will take place January 2nd, 2021 through January 6th 2021. Blackboard will be unavailable while this takes place.

Until then, take care and stay well! 

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