Information Station Volunteers Needed!

It’s that time: Volunteers are needed to help with Information Stations for the first three days of the semester, January 11 to January 13. As you know, volunteers at the Information Stations help our students feel welcome and find their way on the first few days of classes. This is especially important this semester!

Volunteer sign-up sheet

Things are looking a bit different this semester:

  1. Based on the number of students on campus this semester, we have altered some locations – We will have stations at Sneden, ATC and RJF.
  2. Shifts are 2 hours long (instead of one hour) and we are staffing one person (not two) to decrease the number of volunteers coming and going and minimize the spread of germs.
  3. Masks are required while working at the information station.
  4. We will have one table/chair set up at the info. station.
  5. There will be plexiglas barriers at all tables.
  6. Instead of having a binder of information that everyone thumbs through, a Google doc. will have all relevant information. This will allow us to keep information up-to-date as things change – this will be emailed to you before Monday.
  7. Please plan on using your GRCC-issued laptop or tablet to access the Google doc. of information (again, to minimize the spread of germs). 
  8. We will have printed maps on hand but will not have a bowl of candy or other refreshments. (To minimize the spread of germs… are you noticing the trend?!) Please plan on bringing your own water and snacks.
  9. There will be hand sanitizer at each table. We will also have antibacterial wipes so the table can be wiped down at the end of each shift.