Shelly Urbane says goodbye and thank you!

For those at GRCC not on social media, I wanted to share this post (below) along with a huge Thank You to everyone at GRCC. You have challenged me, educated me, embraced me, and above all else – held me up. It truly has been an exceptional journey. I have to give a special thank you to Tom Kaechele and Fred Sebulske (retiree) who pulled me into the theater back in 1997. Without their guidance and mentorship, I would not have had the opportunities and the success through failure (truly, I learned so much through my failures along the way) that I was afforded. They have lit my path with abundance and I will be forever grateful. And seriously, Tom Kaechele is a brilliant light designer if you’re ever in the market! I also have to give a shout out to my friends, past and present, in ODEI (formerly Diversity Learning Center) and on the CAP team. Their partnerships and strong voices, especially through our “Corpus Christi” days, gave me solace and safety when our beautiful, inclusive (!!) theater was threatened daily. Thank you, friends, for standing with us at Spectrum Theater – we are lucky to have you, GRCC is lucky to have you, and I know these two remarkable departments will have opportunities to collaborate again in the future. I look forward to hearing about it and coming back to visit!

Be well. Stay safe.

Shelly Urbane

Post from Facebook below…

Picture of Michelle Urbane, her husband, and their dog.

It is with a huge, open, grateful heart that I write this post to let people know January 8 I will be leaving GRCC’s Spectrum Theater.  I have many treasured friendships through the theater (and GRCC!), many treasured lessons after 31 years – 23 of those years spent with Spectrum Theater. I will hold each memory, each lesson tenderly as I move forward.  

Please be well. Stay safe. I cannot wait to raise a glass and give a huge “Cheers” to all of us! If you’re ever up in Empire, Michigan – please stop by The Misers’ Hoard to say “hello!” You will take one look at the remarkable Paul Skinner, listen to his great stories, see lovely Lucy (aka The Assistant, also known to many as the true star of the house) and fully understand why I am forever grateful for this path with these truest loves of my life!