Retirement bio of Dan Keyes

Dan Keyes began at GRCC 27 years ago in the Business & Technical Training department (later renamed Training Solutions and then Workforce Development).  He has held various positions within this area throughout the years including Program Manager, Trainer Manager, and Quality Manager/Consultant.

“Being at GRCC has provided me with so many opportunities to utilize and continue to grow in my two primary areas of expertise, the use of The Scientific Method and Systems Thinking.”  Through his work, he had the opportunity for “further development and use of continuous improvement and strategic planning principles and techniques with both external and internal colleagues and customers.”  He also had the opportunity to be involved in many opportunities, including the Pathways for Manufacturing Success program, the Business & Technical Training Quality Management Training, and the co-development of GRCC’s Lean Champion Program.

“I have had wonderful conversations with colleagues here at GRCC, and have learned so much in the process.” 

Dan’s retirement plans include moving to his home in Santa Fe, NM.  He will participate in multiple volunteer opportunities and activities including fly fishing, gardening, hiking and photography.

Thank you, Dan, for your dedicated service to GRCC!  We wish you all the best and look forward to hearing about your adventures!

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