Retirement bio of Donna Kragt

Donna Kragt began her career at GRCC in 1993 as the Director of Institutional Research.  Prior to coming to GRCC, Donna spent 7 years with Grand Rapids Public Schools.  In 2000 she became the Dean of Institutional Research, and “the responsibility for Planning came a couple of years later.”

Donna states that she has “always most enjoyed the large group engagements at GRCC such as Opening Days, Learning Days, Strategic Leadership Team, Academic Governing Council and all the cross functional teams.  Watching groups of diverse people come together to create and implement strategies to implement our mission and improve the whole has always excited me.  I am very proud to have been a part of it!”

“I have always been very proud of the caring culture at GRCC.  This caring culture is evidenced by how we provide learning experiences to students. This caring culture is also expanded to the faculty and staff in terms of person to person interactions as well as college policies and procedures.  I often tell people that I hit the jackpot of employers when I took the job at GRCC!”

Donna states that her post retirement plans of travel and volunteering have been put on hold due to COVID, but looks forward to pursuing those activities as soon as possible.  She also recently accepted a position as a Data Coach for Achieving the Dream which will begin in February, 2021.

Congratulations on your retirement Donna, and a heartfelt thank you for your dedicated service to GRCC!  We will miss you and look forward to hearing about your adventures!

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