Save the Dates!

August 2-4: Great Teachers

There is no better time to attend Great Teachers than after your first year of teaching through a pandemic! Every teacher can benefit from this seminar as a springboard for the 21-22 school year.

The seminar is a three-day retreat that brings together teachers from a variety of disciplines to learn from each other, exchange ideas around teaching, and build community.  This experience is built on the belief that practicing teachers are the experts in teaching, and that they learn best from one another.  There are no keynote speakers or outside experts—you learn from your colleagues, and do so in a relaxed environment that fosters sharing and learning. 

This year, this retreat will be held locally, at City Flats Hotel, a short walk from campus. The venue provides plenty of space for social distancing and eliminates the need for overnight travel. A limited number of applications will be accepted. Watch for an upcoming announcement when the application process opens.

August 4-6: Summer Teaching Institute

Plans are underway and we would like to hear from you. The goal of this event is to bring professional development opportunities that are relevant to the needs of the faculty as they begin to prepare for the school year. Please share your thoughts and suggestions for Summer Teaching Institute here.

LMCU information added to GRCC Employee Discounts & Partnerships webpage

LMCU … Bringing our  MaxAdvantage to You! Lake Michigan Credit Union is excited to share some exclusive service and benefits with GRCC employees.
With Lake Michigan Credit Union’s MaxAdvantage program, in addition to earning more on your checking and paying less with $150 off your mortgage, you’ll experience exclusive access to VIP Service. You can also enjoy close and convenient branch locations.  While LMCU’s branch office at GRCC was recently closed, we are still open with 20 branches in Kent County and 7 locations in Ottawa.  Our teams are ready and eager to assist you with all your financial needs.  Feel more comfortable online?  Call us at 844-301-8898 or Email us for more information on remote options. Ready to get started or interested in learning more?  Visit the LMCU MaxAdvantage page and experience why over 480,000 members have already chosen LMCU for their financial needs. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

You can find this information on the GRCC Employee Discounts & Partnerships page.