Rosa Clemente tapped as inaugural keynote speaker for Gloria E. Anzaldúa Colloquium

Tuesday, Feb. 16 @ 4 PM

*Mi gente es Fuerte, ¿pero unida? … Well, it’s complicated
Translation: My people are strong, but united? … Well, it’s complicated

The 2020 Presidential Election brought to light long-held misperceptions about the Latino(x) voting bloc. Those hailed as ‘political pundits’ failed to contextualize Latino communities’ voting patterns based on identity, culture, history, social capital, gender, ethnicity, AND race, to name a few.

The Gloria E. Anzaldúa Colloquium aims to critically analyze the impact of social and cultural marginalization from an intersectional framework.

Rosa Clemente, a leading scholar on Latinx identity issues is the author of the Her groundbreaking article, Who is Black?, a catalyst for many discussions regarding Blackness in Latinx culture.

Upcoming session explores FMLA

Have you ever wondered what the Family Medical Leave Act is all about? Have you ever been curious if you or one of your employees had a “qualifying event” but didn’t know who to ask? Please join us to learn more about FMLA and what this employment benefit offers to eligible employees. You’ll learn about what FMLA covers, who is eligible, and how to complete the request process. 

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