Several offices are closed for in-person student service visits for 3 days due to moving

Several offices on campus will be closed for on campus services only on March 3, 4, and 5 due to the move from RJFH first floor to the third floor Student Center.   

The offices affected are the following:  Admissions and Enrollment Center, Financial Aid, Cashier’s Office, Records Office, and Veteran Services.   

They will only be open for virtual appointments and phone calls those three days.  

Record turnout for the High School Professionals Breakfast tomorrow!

The Admissions Office is holding a High School Professionals Breakfast on Friday, February 26. This is the first time the information session will be held virtually. While this is always a popular and well attended event by our high school partners, we have a record number of high schools planning to join us. Over 70 RSVPs have been received! The event will take place from 8:30 to 9:30 via Zoom. 

Contact Lori Cook at with any questions.

March learning opportunities

Picture of tulips.

Spring is right around the corner!
Here’s what’s coming up for the month of March
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Monday March 8~ Sexual Harassment Awareness

Thursday March 11 ~ GRCC Accounts Explained

Friday March 12 ~ The Science of Happiness

Monday March 15 ~ Data Security

Wednesday March 17 ~ GRCC Reimbursement Policy

Thursday March 18 ~ Active Shooter Response Training  *In Person/On Campus

Friday March 19 ~ Mindfulness Made Simple AND Google Tips & Tricks

Wednesday March 24 ~ Workplace Excellence

Thursday March 25 ~ Evidence Based Selection Process AND 25Live Searches & Reports

Friday March 26 ~ Mindfulness for Parents/Caregivers

Tuesday March 30 ~ Strengths Finder

The Science of Happiness – all about happiness & positive psychology

“As Americans, we push towards many tangible goals…jobs promotions, a beautiful home, a certain number in the bank account, the latest fashion trend.  Yet at the end of the day, why are so many of us still not happy?  Doesn’t success create happiness?  In a world filled with so much greed, discontentment, uncertainty and change, where do we find happiness?  And can we actually be happy living in this environment?  

Join Kendra Bylsma, Director of Wellness at AllOne Health as she uncovers the new science of positive psychology and shares the latest research on how we can rewire our brain to the positive. For the past century, the typical approach to understanding human behavior has always been to look for the average behavior or outcome.  Worse yet, an exclusive focus on what goes WRONG in life…and how to remedy it.  Traditional psychology wants to find the average reading level, exercise amount, risk of developing heart disease.  Positive psychology looks at the outliers and wants to LEARN from them.  If we study merely what is average, we will remain merely average.” Register for this March 12 learning opportunity ONLINE