Retirement bio of Cora Beute

“I am a GRCC (GRJC) nursing graduate myself, so thrilled to come back to my alma mater. I always loved the area of education and professional development and loved teaching/working alongside nursing students who came to Metro for their clinical rotation. It just felt natural to be teaching (in my teen years taught swimming and sewing, so the teaching part seemed to be part of my nature).

Began in Jan 1995 as adjunct faculty in nursing department, while also employed at Metro Health Hospital. When working at Metro, a GRCC nursing adjunct faculty approached me and asked if I would consider teaching a clinical group at the hospital – it didn’t take me long to say yes! (I felt I belonged at GRCC). Taught mostly clinicals at either Metro or at long-term care facility for the next 13 years.

In 2008 hired on as FT in nursing, when I began to teach theory as well as clinical. I have been blessed with so many wonderful years at GRCC – teaching the high school graduate to the grandma – men and women who had a passion for nursing. I appreciate my peers, who are so dedicated to teaching and who work so hard to make this the best experience for our students.  I have always enjoyed working with faculty/staff from other departments as well, and loved to get involved with college-wide committees/activities.

Just a few weeks ago I received a card in the mail from a student who I taught 9 years ago, who I remember had been feeling quite overwhelmed during nursing school. This is part of what she wrote, “I just came across a letter that you sent me while I was a struggling mother, wife and student. You were a tremendous inspiration and motivator for me during my time as a student. Thank you for being there for me when I felt like giving up!” She then went on to tell me where she was working, and that she had taken on the role of the charge nurse and educator on her unit.  I remember her so well and how another instructor and I made a few meals for her to help lighten her load, and tried to encourage her during these challenging times.

Our graduates are in just about every health care facility in town- it’s great to run into them when I take students to the facilities for clinical, or when I visit loved ones and see how they have grown in their profession since they started with us at GRCC.

Plans for retirement – spending time with family, traveling south to visit siblings. I plan, Lord willing, to enjoy time at our cottage which my very creative husband built from the ground up by himself these past 2 years during his retirement. We hope to have lots of family and friends get-togethers there. There is sleeping place for 18, which includes 8 built-in bunks on the wall for the grandkids, so it may get pretty busy, but……… with no prep for classes, I can thoroughly enjoy!”

Cora Beute

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