Reminder – Recording Professional Development Hours

Every hour counts! Here are a few friendly reminders regarding the recording of Professional Development Hours:
Self Reporting: Did you know you’re able to self-report professional development? You may record items such as webinars, college courses, and even volunteer time! To do so:

Log in to your Online Center.
Choose Employee Self Service, then select Professional Development Tile.  
Choose Training Summary from the Left Navigation menu
Click the Add Professional Training link, followed by the Add Professional Training Course button.
Populate the training information in the fields provided and Save. 

Please note: Training must be added in 0.5 hour increments.

LOA Submissions: If you’re attending a conference, in person or virtual, please be sure to submit a LOA and specify the total hours attributed to professional development. This will automatically be added to your training summary by HR.
HR & CTE Training: Trainings completed through HR or CTE will automatically be added to your training summary.

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