March 17 math seminar

After a hiatus of thirteen months, the Grand Rapids Community College Mathematics Department is pleased to announce that it will host its next Mathematics Seminar on Wednesday, March 17, 3-4 PM in 108 Cook.

Our speaker is Alejandro Saldivar, GRCC Math Faculty. For the title and abstract of his talk, please see below.

Circumstances being what they are, there are two attendance options for this seminar. Ample space in a sanitized classroom (108 Cook) will be available for those who prefer to attend in person. If you’d rather attend remotely, Alejandro’s talk will be streamed live on YouTube; visit The Pappus-Pascal Theorem: Math Seminar with Alejandro Saldivar.
This promises to be an interesting talk accessible to a wide audience. As is always the case with our Math Seminars, everyone is welcome to attend.

The Pappus-Pascal Theorem

Abstract: The Pappus (of Alexandria) Theorem is a 1700 or so year old theorem that can be an important tool of surveying and which makes no use of measuring distances or angles. Projective Geometry came along about 600 years ago. Then Blaise Pascal generalized Pappus’ Theorem about 400 years ago with the use of Projective Geometry. We will review some concepts of Euclidean Geometry, introduce Projective Geometry, and provide a projective proof of the Pappus Theorem. We will actually survey points in the classroom using the theorem and without measuring distances or angles. Everybody is welcome to attend. We assume little mathematical background.

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