Workplace Excellence in a new era

Attention — Kindness isn’t cancelled!

It has been one year since the world was plunged head-first into a global pandemic. Just when it feels like we have our new routines down to a science, the rules change and we are expected to start all over again. This can be extremely stressful, especially as we try to balance our personal and professional lives in this shifting world.

Without a doubt, these times call for a new definition of workplace excellence – where grace and understanding abound, where patience is practiced, and where kindness reigns supreme.

As we understand more about what a healthy work environment looks like, both in person and virtual, we can ask the following questions:

How do we successfully interact in a virtual world?
What does the reality of working from home really mean?
How do we maintain our relationships? and cultivate new ones?
What does time management look like now?
How do I lead and supervise effectively when my team is not in the office?

A few of the topics we will explore include Interpersonal Communication, Methods of Conflict Resolution, Personality Differences in a Pandemic, Expectations for Communication in a Virtual World and a discussion on why Attitude Matters– Engaging others with Empathy.

Join us as we explore and discuss the question, “What is excellence then vs. excellence now?” in the multi-faceted session that is Workplace Excellence.

Facilitated by Zoe Carmichael.

Join us on March 24 — Register ONLINE

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