Reminder of Perceptive Content (ImageNow) upgrade Thursday, March 18

 This is a reminder that Information Technology will be upgrading Perceptive Content (ImageNow) Thursday, March 18.
The upgrade will take place from 6 PM until midnight.  During this time Perceptive Content will be unavailable. This includes the submission and viewing of Leave of Absence Forms.  Email notifications for timesheet submissions may be delayed.
Perceptive Content Desktop Client Users
On campus
If your computer will be left on campus during this upgrade, please leave your computer on after leaving for the day on Thursday, March 18, so that the new client version can be installed.  
If your computer is shut down or goes to sleep overnight the client should start installing automatically when you log in the next day.  You can check its progress by going to the Windows Start Menu and searching for Software Center.  You should see Hyland Perceptive Content Desktop Client listed under Installing Status.  If the installation has not started, click the Hyland Perceptive Content Desktop Client icon and then click Install. It should take about 15 minutes to install and will require a computer restart.
The Perceptive Content Desktop Client will need to be updated or you will not be able to log in.
After the client is updated your local preferences will be reset to the default values. If you had a list of frequently used queues that always showed up after logging into the client, you can add those back in by going to Settings and then Options. From here you can go to the Toolbar option on the left, click the Message Center tab, and then select which queues you want to see under the Workflow Queue Status.
If you send email from the Perceptive Content Desktop Client, it will need to be set up again.
Off Campus
If you are working remotely during this upgrade the Perceptive Content Desktop Client will not be updated on your GRCC issued device. Please use the VMware Staff Remote pool for access which will include the updated client.  
When you return to campus the client will begin updating automatically or can be installed through the Software Center.
eDocs (WebNow) Users
Perceptive Content (eDocs) access through a web browser will continue to look and function the same with minor updates to the user interface.
Please contact the IT Support Desk at (616) 234-4357 or if your client is not installing properly. 

New financial literacy learning opportunity in April with LMCU partners

Our partners at Lake Michigan Credit Union are excited to lead the Professional Development session Financial Bootcamp for GRCC employees.

Financial Aid Bootcamp over a picture of boot treadmarks.

Financial Bootcamp — Let’s Get Fit!

Do you feel financially fit?  Lake Michigan Credit Union is excited to share our new and free financial education program, Wallet Wisdom with GRCC Employees!  You will enjoy exclusive access to our entire financial library of topics including budgets, identity protection, credit scores, retirement and more!

We also will be hosting a series of Financial Bootcamps … and we have one coming up!  Join us Tuesday, April 13th at 1:00PM via Zoom, as we learn about budgets. We look forward to seeing you then!

 Register via the Professional Development tile in your Online Center account.

Are you interested in learning what other exclusive benefits you can enjoy as a GRCC employee?  Check out our MaxAdvantage page and learn why nearly a half a million members already trust Lake Michigan Credit Union for their financial needs!

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