Tech Tip: Computer Reboot

When is the last time you rebooted your computer? Not sure? We totally understand! It is very easy to get into a routine of putting your computer to sleep every day so you can keep things open that you are currently using. It makes the start of the next day feel productive by continuing where we left off. The truth is, we may actually be slowing ourselves down. 

Rebooting makes our computer run more efficiently and it can also fix problems we may be encountering. Please take the time to restart your computer at least once a week which will save you time in the long run. 

Check out this article Why Does Rebooting Your Computer Fix So Many Issues?

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Familiar faces ready to lead GRCC’s nationally ranked cross country teams

Assistant Coach Garrett Lacey and Assistant Coach Sharon Becker smiling at the camera.

Grand Rapids Community College’s cross country teams will have new coaches – familiar faces who were part of the staff last year when both times finished in the national top 10 and three student-athletes earning All-American status.

Matt Sicilia, who oversaw both the men’s and women’s teams, is stepping down from coaching to spend time with his family.

Assistant Coach Garrett Lacey has been named head coach of the men’s team, and Assistant Coach Sharon Becker will be head coach of the women’s team.

“Coach Sicilia did an outstanding job building the GRCC program into a national power,” Interim Athletic Director David Selmon said. “He’ll be missed, and we wish him well. We’re also excited to have two excellent coaches who are able to assume lead roles and keep the program headed in the right direction.”

Sicilia said his daughter will be involved in high school sports and his son in middle school sports next year, and he wants to spend more time with his family and attend his children’s events.

“Starting the program at GRCC and building a culture of mutual support and hard work, as well as bringing our program into national prominence, is something that I am extremely proud of,” Sicilia said.

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