Highlighting staff who help our students

Njung’e Gathungu smiling at the camera.

Always remember, at GRCC, you are surrounded by people who want you to be successful and are ready to walk with you on your educational pathway. We are here to help!

Meet Njung’e Gathungu. He’s a student ambassador working in GRCC’s Enrollment Center. He’s able to answer questions about the registration process, tell you about the neat things on campus and connect you with resources and experts to get you ready to go.

Njung’e knows what it’s like because he’s a student, too! He’s a GRCC sophomore and is looking to become an occupational therapist.

“Right now, I’m gaining a sense of what I want to do with my school career,” he said. “GRCC is the best place for me to start towards my career goal. Here, I’m able to earn my associate degree at a very low cost. I’m able to work and pay for school myself! I am sure GRCC will be a good fit for you too. We have many clubs and our faculty are amazingly helpful.”

Njung’e is looking forward to working with you. If you need help with anything, he’ll know where to find it.

Connect with Njung’e and other student ambassadors to learn how GRCC is your best choice for pursuing your academic or professional goals. You can schedule an appointment on the GRCC webpage at: https://www.grcc.edu/students/orientation/meet-ambassador

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