Highlighting staff who help our students

Elizabeth VanPortfliet smiling.

Always remember, at GRCC, you are surrounded by people who want you to be successful and are ready to walk with you on your educational pathway. We are here to help!

Meet Elizabeth VanPortfliet. Elizabeth is an academic adviser in GRCC’s Academic Advising and Transfer Center.

She knows what it’s like to transfer credits to a four-year college or university, and how to help you take your education to the next level, whether that is seeking a degree or gaining career skills.

“It is my professional mission to help students navigate the college experience, plan for successful completion of their educational goals, and connect them with the resources to help them do so,” she said.

Elizabeth is a proud first-generation college student and a GRCC graduate. She earned an associate degree before transferring credits to Grand Valley State University and earning a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies. She’s working on a master’s degree in Counseling Education – College Counseling from Western Michigan University. She is a National Certified Counselor working towards the Michigan State Certifications.

Elizabeth worked in higher education as a student employee and administrative professional before becoming an academic advisor. She has experience working at GRCC’s Tassell M-TEC helping students in the Job Training and GRCC Workforce Training programs. Elizabeth also supported the Disability Support Services and the Occupational Support Grant Program.

She is currently advising and supporting students attending GRCC’s Workforce Training programs and knows much about attending tuition-free through Michigan’s Futures for Frontliners program.

She believes in lifelong education and enjoys learning new things through reading and taking classes. When she’s not helping students, Elizabeth enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, biking, and camping with her family.

Connect with Elizabeth and other members of the Academic Advising and Transfer team to get assistance and learn how GRCC is your best choice for pursuing your academic or professional goals. You can email advising@grcc.edu, call (616) 234-3900 and schedule an in-person or virtual appointment at grcc.edu/students/academic-advising-transfer-center 

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