Evidence Based Selection Process update

We’re happy to provide this update on our work to implement Evidence Based Selection Process for our staff positions. 

Our Human Resources Project team began setting this in place in October 2020.

Here are some “fun facts” about the last six months and this transformational work.

  • We started with an announcement and video to the Strategic Leadership Team in October.
  • We’ve conducted five EBSP virtual training sessions, and 63 employees have learned about this important process.
  • We’ve completed 10 subject matter expert sessions for all 10 of our job families. The subject matter sessions validated all of the job analysis work that was done during our cohort sessions. A special shout out and thank you to all of the subject matter experts who participated.
  • We currently have 30 active searches at the moment; 16 of these searches are in EBSP.
  • We completed seven searches through EBSP.  We’ve already seen a reduction in our time to hire dashboard measurement.  Our average time to hire is 43 days (measuring the date the posting closes to the date an offer is extended). Our old screening committee hiring process typically averaged 60-plus days for staff positions. We’re excited about providing this more efficient process for our hiring managers and our applicants!
  • I asked one of our hiring managers for a testimonial on their EBSP experience. David DeBoer, executive director of Financial Aid, reported:

“The EBSP process is a great help to hiring. Three positions in the Financial Aid Department have gone through the process, and we have seen the benefits. The pre-planning helped us think about goals and department culture. It helped us think about what type of person would be the best fit. This helped us as we conducted interviews because we had a better idea of how a candidate would fit within our department.”

Two more training sessions will be offered in April or May.  Anyone is welcome to come and learn about EBSP.

A special thank you to Dr. Pink and all of the Executive Leadership group. You have been so supportive of our learning, design and implementation of EBSP. The hiring managers involved thus far have been supportive, too.  Thank you!

And a huge shout out to the HR project team.  Laura Caulk, Danielle Flaumenhaft, Jessica Berens and I have all been working hard to design and implement the changes. 

HR also wants to announce the hiring of a temporary HR professional who will assist us with EBSP searches for the next six months.  Michelle Chapo joined our team this week and we’re working to bring her up to speed as quickly as possible.

Cathy Kubiak ~ Exec Dir of Human Resources

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