Bruce & Carolyn Morrison — Retiree Bios

Bruce Morrison is proud to have worked at GRCC for 7005 days, with 35020.8 actual working hours (leave it to Bruce to crunch the numbers!). For his entire 19 years at GRCC, Bruce always held the Data & Reports Coordinator/Analyst role in the Institutional Research and Planning Department.

Bruce has two memorable stories to share about his time at GRCC – 1 serious, 1 funny.

Serious story: “I always know that there are students behind the numbers, so I want to be sure that the report data are always as close to reality as possible, because we are always making changes for the betterment of students and their progress.” 

Funny story: “About a year after starting at GRCC, my wife, Carolyn, had a minor ankle injury when we had tickets to a play at Spectrum.  Before dropping her off near the door, I passed a prime parking spot 4 car lengths back.  Once she was on her way, I backed my car down Fountain Street to see if it would fit in the spot.  A GRCC cop car came whizzing up the street with lights flashing.  I got off with a warning for backing up on such a busy street (!), but not before they called for backup.  Who should be in the backup car but my new mentee at GRCC, Jesse Heard.  When he saw me, we both started chuckling.  I still got the parking spot.” 

He felt a sense of belonging when he was invited to Deans’ Council to present data outcomes and enrollment trends. “I felt like I was appreciated for the crucial, sometimes tedious work needed to write and disseminate reports.”

In retirement, Bruce plans to chat more with folks on walks; make a table for 12 out of the old oak that blew over before Covid; sit on the sofa with Lou Reed (see picture!) and relax; make more music (a language we all understand); finish the book about walking across a Himalayan country; fix up a house or nine; and harvest veggies out of the garden for dinner. 

Lastly, Bruce expresses his gratitude that an offer was made to this forester way back when.  It was fun to count the new “plantings” of students and see how many survived the year.  I have really appreciated what GRCC has had to offer, even once employing all 4 of us Morrisons one summer when my daughters helped with fast-tracking incoming students while Carolyn helped Nursing Students and I crunched data.  That summer, between driving 2 cars, walking, biking, and busing, we made it to and fro without any hitches.  Ha!

Best wishes in your next great adventure Bruce!

  • Bruce Morrison.

Carolyn Morrison has been the support professional in the Nursing Program for thirteen years. As she puts it “When you work in a fabulous department, there’s no need to go anywhere else.”

Carolyn shares that her joy in working at GRCC has come from my experience of communities.  Our students progress through our programs in cohorts where they build intense, lasting bonds of friendship.  They grow into community as they work together to make the arduous transition from regular human being to nurse.  Our faculty members comprise a community of tenacious nurses, united in their commitment to seeing our students succeed.  They are an inspiration, and I feel privileged to have played a supporting role in their cause.  And while we’re on the subject of community, I have been continually delighted to have belonged to the GRCC APSS group.  I was warmly welcomed into this group from the beginning of my time here, and I could not ask for a kinder, more supportive and compassionate community of people.   

Carolyn felt a true sense of belonging at GRCC and knew she was in the right place “one day when my boss, Shelly Richter, came walking down the hall outside my office belting out a Tom Jones song.”

Among many other things, Carolyn hopes to read more books. “Maybe”, she says, “I’ll write one too.”

“Thank you for a lovely almost-13 years.  I will miss this place and its people.” – Carolyn

Congratulations Carolyn!

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