Roadmap for Leaders: A Guide to Address Faculty and Staff Conduct Concerns

GRCC is committed to responding to conduct that is inconsistent with our mission, vision and values.  The attached “Roadmap for Leaders” has been created to help all employees understand how employee conduct concerns will be addressed, who is responsible to act, and what outcomes can be expected.

Our hope is that this document will become a resource to ensure that leaders on campus understand their obligations, available resources, and expectations for follow up.

Our goal is that the campus community will know where to report concerns and trust that the response of leadership will be fair, reliable and prompt, with appropriate and consistent action.

Over the summer, we will provide professional development workshops for college leaders to review and discuss these processes.

We will incorporate this Roadmap into our new supervisor training and we will offer ongoing periodic professional development sessions for any employee who is interested in learning more about these processes.

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