Excellence in Education deadline approaching

Have you been working on a nomination or thinking of nominating a colleague for this special award? It’s easy!

GRCC Excellence in Education Awards – Adjunct, FT Faculty, Staff

Here’s simple steps:

  1. Select a deserving member of the GRCC family.
  2. Complete the online nomination form and upload your narrative document.
  3. For full time faculty and staff nominations, send the signature of support form link via email to at least twelve or more colleagues to endorse your nomination. For adjunct nominations, email the respective Department or Program Director (or Assistant Dean if the nominator is the Department Head or Program Director) and request them to endorse the nominee via the Adjunct Nomination Endorser Form.
  4. Confirm number of signatures submitted – contact angelasalinas@grcc.edu (for the Staff award) or provost@grcc.edu (for the FT Faculty and adjunct awards).

This year’s deadline is May 14.

For questions or more information, please contact angelasalinas@grcc.edu (Staff award) or provost@grcc.edu (FT faculty and adjunct award).

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