2021 Walking & Wellness Challenge starts Monday, May 10

This year, the Challenge will feature weekly themes again, weekly downtown locations to visit, and new for 2021 weekly greater Grand Rapids & West Michigan locations to explore, and more! We’ll enjoy sixteen weeks of wellness together!

Given that some GRCC family members are working on campus while others are working from home, it will be an individual challenge again this year. However, if you’re up to it and can do it safely, by all means, enjoy a stroll outdoors with your work buddies!

The Google Community (now Currents) page will get back up and running again as well. Participants love to share photos of our summer adventures, walking trail recommendations, encouragement and more!

Please register to participate via this Google registration form

For questions or more information, please email angelasalinas@grcc.edu

Two people walk on a roadway.

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